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About Flexem

FLEXEM is a solution provider of automation and IoT.

We deliver automation and IoT solutions to OEM customers and end users in HVAC, packaging machinery, material handling, electronic equipment, water and oil & gas. We offer a comprehensive portfolio covering software such as FM SCADA, IoT gateway, and control products like PLC, HMI and Servo.

Our mission is to lead the machine intelligence by innovative automation and IOT solution. As a value-added supplier, we deliver a total solution for machine builders to optimize the efficiency and reduce the cost of their machines.



Core competencies

繁Flexem has multiple core technologies and patents in areas such as HMI, PLC, Internet of Things, and software platforms.

  • HMI

    Graphical compiler for industrial touch screen configuration

    Quick Start Technology for Industrial Touch Screen

    Remote update and debugging technology for industrial equipment

    Real time communication scheduling technology

    Protocol Conversion Technology for Industrial Controllers

    Remote programming and debugging technology

    Data feedback and runtime iteration techniques

    Long term high reliable embedded memory management technology

    High performance and strong real-time scripting technology

    Upgrading technology in the system

    Industrial Data Security Storage Technology

  • PLC

    Autonomous Implementation of IEC61131-3 Compatible Compilers

    Object-oriented programming technology and environment

    runtime software architecture of Platform independent and hardware independent

    Modular and Componentized Embedded Design

    New communication protocol based on subscription and change push

    Technology of Embedded high-level programming language Script

    Communication Technology for High Speed Expansion Modules

    Cloud Programming Technology

    Built in IoT remote communication capability PLC technology

    Local and cloud system execution

  • IoT

    Container based layout technology of industrial internet of things platform

    Full link security monitoring technology of industrial internet of things platform

    Cloud edge collaboration technology

    Real time parallel collection technology for industrial IoT data

    Industrial communication protocol high-speed communication intelligent algorithm

    Industrial IoT Real Time Data Stream Processing Engine Technology

    Industrial data visualization technology

    Preprocessing Technology for Historical Data of Industrial Equipment

    Data communication protocol parsing engine technology

    Data modeling Technology of Internet of Things

Global distribution map

The service capacity covers the whole country, and there are partners in South Korea, India, Israel, Germany, Türkiye, Canada and other countries.

  • 2
    R&D Center

    Shanghai R&D Headquarters, Wuhan R&D Sub Center

  • 10

    Having offices in key cities across the country

  • 15

    We have partners in countries such as South Korea, Japan, India, Germany, Canada, and Russia


  • 2010

    FLEXEM was established and launched its first generation touch screen product FE2000

  • 2012

    Launch capacitive industrial human-machine interface

  • 2014

    Release of the new generation touch screen product FE4000 and new configuration software Flexem Studio

  • 2015

    Launch Flexem FBox to help enterprises enter the era of Industrial Internet

  • 2016

    Launch the cloud platform of the Internet of Things to realize the overall solution of the industrial internet of things

  • 2018

    Launching IoT touch screens and IoT controllers, achieving the integration of IoT and automation products

  • 2021

    The company has been awarded the honorary title of refinement and Innovation "Little Giant" by the National Specialization.

  • 2022

    The company has released a new generation of fully integrated intelligent products, including software and hardware products such as Zhilian HMI, Zhilian PLC, and industrial digital software FlexMI.

  • 2022

    Company has leveraged its intelligence advantages to enter industries such as lithium batteries, new energy, and 3C manufacturing



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