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-Flexem FBox-VPN

Flexem FBox-VPN

Connectivity Option: Ethernet

Data Monitoring: 300

Alarm Notification: 100

Historical Data: 30

Flexem FBox-VPN IoT Gateway, supports Ethernet connectivity, 350+ industrial protocol connections, edge computing, VPN transparent transmission, as well as PLC program upload, download, and monitoring, and provides remote management and maintenance solutions.


CPU 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8
Storage 128MB Flash + 128MB DDR3
I/O Port 2 opto-isolated digital inputs, 2 relay outputs (maximum of 5A)
Rated Voltage DC24V, operational range: DC 9V~28V
Enclosure Material Engineering plastic
Dimensions 130mm×94mm×48mm
Weight About 305g
Antenna N/A


Connectivity Option Ethernet
Network Frequency Band N/A
Ethernet Port 3* 10M/100M self-adaptive
Serial Port COM1: RS232/RS485/RS422; COM2: RS485; COM3: RS232
USB Port 1* USB slave 2.0 port, 1* USB host 2.0 port


Real-time Data Monitoring Available
Historical Data Recording Available
Transparent Transmission Available
VPN Transparent Transmission Available
Edge Computing Available
API Interface Available
Remote Management and Maintenance Supports remote firmware upgrade; supports import and export of configuration file
Data Monitoring Limit 300
Alarm Notification Limit 100
Historical Data Limit 30
Historical Data Storage Duration 90 days


Pin1 Rx-(B) (COM1 RS485-2/4)
Pin2 RxD_PLC (COM1 RS232)
Pin3 TxD_PLC (COM1 RS232)
Pin4 Tx- (COM1 RS485-4)
Pin5 GND
Pin6 Rx+(A) (COM1 RS485-2/4)
Pin7 RxD_PC/PLC (COM3 RS232)
Pin8 TxD_PC/PLC (COM3 RS232)
Pin9 Tx+ (COM1 RS485-4)
( 1/4 ) 对比框