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Pump control equipment

Establish a remote monitoring platform for equipment, record real-time equipment operation data, and be able to quickly grasp equipment faults and provide timely after-sales service.

3C equipment

The customer's factory has information technology needs and has a large number of PLC points. Using Fanyi HMI, supporting tag communication, and supporting collaborative development by multiple people, it is very convenient to achieve factory informatization and transfer low-level data to upper level software.

Photovoltaic equipment

The process section of photovoltaic equipment is relatively complex, and the requirements for docking with software such as MES are relatively high. Using FLEXEM HMI, supporting tag communication, solving a large amount of data computation problems, implementing modular programming for complex programs, and facilitating integration with MES.

Lithium battery equipment

Lithium battery equipment has multiple points, requires easy debugging, high standardization, and a large number of repetitive modules. Using FLEXEM products makes it easy for lithium-ion battery manufacturers to achieve engineering standardization, programming modularity, multi screen debugging, and easy to interface with MES.


Provide a complete equipment remote monitoring solution for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. FBOX connects the PLC and controller in the on-site equipment, transmits the equipment data to the remote cloud server through wireless network, and achieves equipment remote management and operation and maintenance through the monitoring platform.