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-Flexem F5-BA0002B

Flexem F5-BA0002B

Input: N/A

Output: 2

Installation: CPU frontal expasion board slot

Dimensions: 38mmx40mmx18mm

Flexem F5 series PLC, expansion board, 2 outputs.


Input N/A
Output 2
Resolution 12-bit
Input/Output Signal Range Voltage: 0-10V, current: 0-20mA / 4-20mA
Full-scale Value Range Customizable (0~4096)
Conversion Precision ±1% (full-scale range)
Maximum Allowable Input Signal N/A
Input Impedance N/A
Allowable Output Load Range Voltage > 2k ohms, current < 500ohms
Rated Voltage 5VDC -15%/+20%, maximum of 3.2W. Provided internally in the main unit, no external input required
Wiring Structure Non-detachable terminal block


Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Environmental Humidity 5~95%RH (non-condensing)
Cooling Method Natural air cooling


Enclosure Material Engineering plastic
Installation CPU frontal expasion board slot
Dimensions 38mmx40mmx18mm
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