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-Flexem' New Capacitive HMI First Show in IAS 2014

Flexem' New Capacitive HMI First Show in IAS 2014




Flexem's new capacitive HMI attracts many visitors in this IAS exhibition.Compared with general industrial capacitive HMI, the feature of new HMI:

* Humanistic man-computer connection and easy-to-use configuration software

* Patented anti – shedding structure

* Patented auto-lock settings

* Perfect experience and multi-touch

* Multi-touch capacitive HMI, nimble touch, better light transmittance, anti-scratch, no drift

* Multi-gesture is supported

* IPS full HD LCD, FE007:1024*600,FE010:1024*768

* 24BIT color LCD

* The thinnest industrial HMI, patented anti-shedding structure, simple to be installed