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Lithium Battery Equipment


The lithium battery production industry faces various challenges in terms of automation and intelligence, expanding production capacity, ensuring equipment quality and stability, upgrading innovative processing technologies, encountering energy consumption and environmental impacts, and achieving a return on investment in equipment costs. Additionally, the lithium battery equipment comprises a large quantity, requiring easy debugging procedure, high standardization, and a large number of repetitive modules.


By using Flexem's products, it is convenient for lithium battery manufacturers to achieve engineering standardization, modular programming, multi-screen debugging, and integration with MES.

1. Convenient browser-based multi-client remote access.

2. Rapid modular development for large-scale HMI projects.

3. Direct API integration with MES and other IT systems.

4. Integration with IoT, supporting data transferring via MQTT and OPC UA.

5. Supports third-party database integration for simplified data exchange.

6. Object-oriented programming for swift development of complex projects.

7. Exportable data models for high engineering reusability.

8. RFID card-based login for unified user access management.