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The majority of air conditioning equipment is unmanned. With the progress in the informatization and equipment management and maintenance, the current main demands are as follows:

1. Ability to view equipment's operational data and status anytime and anywhere, as well as to remotely configure important parameters.

2. Ability to receive equipment's alarm notifications in time and access its historical data.

3. Ability to remotely manage devices, maintain records, and retrieve equipment archives and maintenance information.

4. Ability to monitor equipment remotely, and to provide a mobile-based client for end customers.


Flexem provides a comprehensive remote equipment monitoring solution for the air conditioning industry. FBox can connect to PLCs and controllers on-site, transmitting device data wirelessly to remote cloud servers, allowing for remote equipment management and maintenance through a monitoring platform, solving the challenges mentioned above while possessing the following advantages:

1. Support mainstream PLCs, capable of connecting to the majority of air conditioning equipment, and various connectivity options.

2. Data monitoring and equipment management functions are available through PCs, mobile apps, WeChat, and web interfaces.

3. Supports multi-client solutions, allowing different authorized individuals, such s equipment developers, on-site service personnel, and end customers, to access specific devices according to their respective permissions.