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Pump Control Equipment


The secondary water pump room is the core of the secondary water supply.

1. Water supply equipment management

The specialization of water supply equipment is increasing, requiring professional technical engineers from manufacturers to monitor and maintain the equipment, to have real-time insight into the operational status of on-site equipment, to record operational data in real time, to detect equipment malfunctions, and to carry out after-sales service in time.

2. Water pump room management

The pump room contains numerous instruments for monitoring both the pump room itself and water quality, including door entry control, video surveillance, water turbidity, residual chlorine, smoke detection, water immersion, energy consumption, and other information. It's desirable to remotely monitor these data points to achieve remote management of intelligent pump rooms.


1. Users install one or more FBox for each pump room as needed to collect data from PLCs and other instruments.

2. FBox accesses to network via Ethernet or cellular data, transmitting data to the cloud-based monitoring center's server.

3. Remote monitoring software based on B/S architecture fetches data from the server, enabling remote monitoring and management of intelligent pump rooms. The software is accessible through a web interface from anywhere.

4. Additionally, users can use a mobile app to perform various actions such as viewing device data, setting operational parameters, checking alarm messages, and accessing historical data.