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In the 3C electronics industry, production involves various stages such as sheet metal processing, injection molding, PCBA, electronic components, and final assembly. Both sheet metal processing and injection molding production rely heavily on equipment, leading to an increased occurrence of equipment isolation and a high frequency of unplanned downtime, therefore the overall equipment efficiency is suboptimal. Within the 3C electronics production, there is a lack of interconnectivity among devices, resulting in insufficient equipment monitoring and a lack of predictive maintenance, leading to frequent instances of unplanned downtime, preventing the enhancement of overall equipment effectiveness, and leading to deficiency in achieving accurate energy management and conservation due to inadequate data analysis and lack of precise energy management. Many 3C electronics equipment factories need informatization, often dealing with a large number of PLCs, leading to a pressing demand for equipment intelligence, production line data monitoring, and intelligent data analysis.


The utilization of Flexem's intelligent comprehensive solution can assist in achieving interconnected, smarter, and more efficient equipment.

1. Flexem HMI, with its tag communication functionality, enables collaborative development among multiple users, materializes factory informatization, and transmits lower-level data to upper-level software.

2. Flexem IoT HMI supports IoT modules, offering a plug-and-play touchscreen connectivity solution.

3. Flexem IoT PLC, featuring IEC61131-3 programming standard, supports ladder diagram and ST programming languages, graphical configuration interface, power-free PLC download, supports IoT expansion modules, and provides a more economical PLC connectivity solution.