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Photovoltaic Equipment


The photovoltaic equipment industry faces several challenges, including manufacturing costs, efficiency and stability issues, difficulties in intelligent monitoring and maintenance, energy storage, and smart distribution. Moreover, the complexity of photovoltaic equipment processes requires deep integration with MES and other software. Reducing overall manufacturing costs, enhancing equipment conversion efficiency and stability, enabling remote smart monitoring and maintenance, and solving smart distribution issues are crucial factors in promoting the sustainable development of the photovoltaic equipment industry.


Flexem's HMI, with its tag communication functionality, can solve the difficulty in extensive data computation, enable modular programming for complex processes, and facilitate integration with MES.

1. Convenient browser-based multi-client remote access.

2. Rapid modular development for large-scale HMI projects.

3. Direct API integration with MES and other IT systems.

4. Integration with IoT, supporting data transferring via MQTT and OPC UA.

5. Powerful data statistical analysis and report presentation.

6. Integration of data models, promoting equipment standardization.

7. Open and advanced scripting languages for complex data processing.