Water Supply

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Pump room is the core of secondary water-supply

1. Water supplying equipment management

Water supplying equipment devices are more and more professional, the professional technical engineers of the factories need monitor and maintenance the devices, master the running status of the field equipment in time, and record equipment operating data. Besides, they need master the equipment faults at the earliest time to provide after-sales service in time.

2. Water supplying pump room management

There are a great number of instrument in the pump room for the detection of pump room and water quality, the information monitored including access control, video, turbidity, residual chlorine, smoke detection, water and energy consumption and so on. The managers hope the information can be monitored remotely to achieve remote management of the smart pump room.



1. You can use FBox according to the actual needs, and each pump is configured one or two FBox to acquire PLC data and other gauges information.

2. FBox accesses the Internet through Ethernet or SIM card to transfer the data to the cloud monitoring center server.

3. The remote monitoring software based on B/S architecture acquires data from the server to achieve remote monitoring and management of the smart pump room, and can be accessed anywhere through the WEB interface.

At the same time, through mobile APP, you can check the data of each device, set the running parameters of the device in mobile phone, alarming and historical data checking, etc.



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