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Service commitment

Flexem's products provide half-year warranty, 18-month warranty, full-life maintenance service, and standard product maintenance period is 5 working days.

Technical support hotline is +86 4008-033-022 and related services provided by each office

Specific terms and conditions
Ⅰ、Service object

The provisions in this article cover the full range of products manufactured by Flexem Company, which is sold in the domestic market.

II、30 days warranty

Within half a year from the date of sale of the product, non-human damage failure occurs, affecting the main performance, and can not get timely repair service, we will replace the same model for you.

Ⅲ、18 months warranty

Within 18 months from the date of sale of the product, a non-human damage failure occurs, we can complete the repair within the specified maintenance cycle and return it to you.

Ⅳ、Life-long maintenance

Since the date of sale, we have been providing life-long maintenance services to our customers. For faulty products that are under warranty but do not meet the warranty conditions and products that exceed the warranty period, we provide a paid repair service. After the customer confirms that the product has been repaired, we arrange for the repair of the product.

Ⅴ、Maintenance cycle

1.The maintenance period of the Flexem's product is 5 working days.Customized products are calculated separately.
2.The maintenance cycle does not include rest days, does not include the transportation process and the time taken to collect maintenance costs.

After-sales maintenance process

Customer confirmed warranty period→Customer confirmed warranty coverage→Customer sent repairs→Both parties confirm the fee→Flexem repair the product→Flexem send back the product

Ⅰ、Customer confirmed warranty period

The S/N code on the product casing can be used to know the date of manufacture and the date of sale and delivery, and the warranty/warranty time is calculated based on the date of sales and delivery.

II、Customer confirmed warranty coverage

We provide warranty service for products under warranty for the following damage ranges. If your product failure falls within the above range, we provide paid repair service, please understand.

1.Product failure due to irresistible factors such as fire, flood, electric shock, earthquake, etc.
2.Failure due to industrial accidents, misuse, abuse of touch panels, chipping of LCD displays, or severe burning of electronic components on the board.
3. The product has been disassembled, repaired or modified without the authorization of our company, resulting in serious scratches on the outer casing of the product, damage to the parts, and loss of the label.

Repaired or replaced components have a one-year warranty from the date of repair.

Ⅲ、Customer sent repair products

Address: 5th Floor, Building 2, Lanyun Science and Technology Park, Tangtou Avenue, Shiyan Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Zip code:518000
Recipient:Maintenance department

Ⅳ、Both parties confirm the repair cost

We will not charge for repairs during the warranty period and for products covered by the warranty.
For products that are under warranty but do not meet the warranty coverage, we will only charge the cost of the component and will not charge for the repair service.
For products that are out of warranty, we will charge the cost of the component and the appropriate repair cost based on the actual damage.


After the maintenance personnel repair the product, they will be tested as soon as possible, and the test results and charges will be filled in the “Rework Report”, and the charges will be handled as follows:

1.The defective product is not required to be charged, and the maintenance personnel will directly return the repaired product and the "Rework Report" to you after the repair is completed.
2.For the faulty items that need to be charged, the maintenance personnel will hand over the “Rework Report” to the competent business personnel corresponding to you, and the business personnel will confirm the payment details with you. After receiving the remittance slip, the business personnel will notify the maintenance personnel to start the repair, and return the product and the "Rework Report" in time after the repair.

Repair products for charges:

1.Unless otherwise agreed, the customer should contact Fanyi Business within five working days after receiving the Return Report to determine if repair is required. If you do not determine whether to repair within five working days, the maintenance personnel will delay the failure of your company to the next maintenance cycle.
2.Unless there is a special agreement, from the date when the business personnel provide the "return report" to your company, if the company does not receive payment within 30 working days, the company's maintenance personnel will return the defective product to your company.

Ⅵ、Transportation costs

The customer will send the freight to Flexem, and we will repair the shipping cost sent back to the customer.

Customer notice

1. In order to better serve you, please return the repaired product to the completed product after-sales service registration form, or you can download it on our website. Please explain the fault phenomenon as much as possible so that our maintenance personnel can repair and solve the problem as soon as possible, and please indicate the detailed contact information, so that the repaired product can be returned to you in time and accurately.
2. Please try to back up the program parameters before sending the repair, etc., and the program parameter settings may not be retained after the repair.
3. Since our products are precision electronic products, customers should pay attention to safe and reliable packaging and transportation when returning products to avoid more serious damage caused by transportation. It is recommended that customers apply for transportation insurance, for transportation reasons or other irresistible Our company will not be responsible for the losses caused by the reasons, please understand.
4. If the repaired product has not received feedback within one week after sending it, please call the maintenance department to avoid the repair part being lost in transit.

After-sales service registration form
Customer information Customer's name Contact
Adress Phone
Product information Product number Serial number
Is it under warranty? How many times has it been repaired?
Fault phenomenon