Intelligent Boiler

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Generally industrial boilers are applied in the electricity-generating or air supply application occasions, and are widely used in energy, chemical industry, building materials, heating and other industries. Currently, industrial boilers are more and more professional, and the requirement for equipment safety is also getting higher and higher.

1. Customers need know the running status of the field equipment in time, record the equipment running data in real-time, master the equipment fault at the earliest time, and  provide after-sales service timely.

2. On the other hand, for the needs of saving energy and fine management, customers need collect and sort a large number of equipment running data, to provide data support for equipment energy management and energy-saving reconstruction.



Flexem can provide the solution for industrial boilers remote monitoring,which can make manufacturers monitor the equipment and equipment data remotely, master the running fault status of the equipment devices in time, and improve the after-sales service timely, and provide the technical research and development for saving energy.

1. You can improve after-sales service, in the company they also can know the equipment running and fault status of each device. Besides, they can monitor and debug the program remotely, master and solve equipment fault in time, improve after-sales service efficiency and quality, which can save a lot of traveling time and cost.

2. Through collecting and sorting equipment running data, you can master the product technical parameters and running data timely to provide data support for industrial boiler energy management and energy-saving reconstruction.






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