Air Compressor

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Air compressor, as a conversion equipment of gas power source, is widely used in all aspects of life and production. For example: in the construction, steel, mining and chemical industry factories in many uses. In recent years, the market demand of air compressors is large and high-end, and the requirements for after-sale maintenance of equipment are also gradually improving. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce Internet mode.



1、It can monitor and control the main data of air compressor equipment, such as motor, air filter, oil filter, etc.

2、Real-time data of equipment operation can be obtained at anytime and anywhere in mobile phone APP/micro-messenger/PC terminal, and historical data and alarm information can be obtained in time to ensure the safe operation of air compressor.

3、Air compressor models can be classified and shared with different engineers, while viewing equipment status.

4、It has the function of big data analysis, collecting equipment operation status and fault data for integrated analysis, generating equipment operation report by one key, self-checking problems, improving equipment utilization and after-sales maintenance efficiency.

5、Achieve dealer management, equipment management and maintenance for dealers in different regions.





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