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Flexem will Join the SPS Exhibition Show from Nov 26th to 28th, 2019

Flexem will Join the SPS Exhibition Show from Nov 26th to 28th, 2019. Flexem will join Germany Nuremberg exhibition show SPS from Nov 26th to 28th, 20…

Key words: Date:2019/10/28
Welcome to Visit Flexem Booth in IAS exhibition Sep 17th to 21st

Warmly welcome to visit Shanghai Flexem's booth in IAS exhibition in Shangai National Exhibition center from Sep 17th to 21st. Address: National Exhibition and Convention Cente…

Key words: 2019Shanghai|Automation|ExhibitionDate:2019/09/02
Welcome to visit us in Shanghai Automation Exhibition

Welcome to visit us in Shanghai Automation Exhibition  Show from Sep 19th to 23rd. Address: National Exhibition and Convention Center(No. 333, Zhangze Aven…

Key words: Shanghai|Automation|ExhibitionDate:2018/08/24
Customers' Feedback about Flexem's Products

 From Sweden:I think it looks really nice and gives a really good user experience.I now really hope that all our customers think the same and the sales will pick up and we soon …

Key words: FeedbackDate:2018/05/07
Flexem's Great Impact in IIoT Industry

From January to end of April, Flexem held 14 seminars in most major cities in China and 3 automation exhibitions in Guangzhou, Beijing and Hannover and got huge impact, many semi…

Key words: IIoT|IndustryDate:2018/05/02
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